Tuesday, August 10, 2010

John Schmidt

Last week Mary called me and said that she had a voucher that would get us into the John Schmidt concert at Wolf Mountain for FREE. Well, I am never one to pass up a free concert!!!!! So Saturday night we gathered snacks, water and blankets and headed up to the Valley! I love John Schmidt but hadn't ever been to one of his concerts and I love him even more now! It was SO much fun! The kids had a blast (ok so in reality it's kinda hard to watch a concert with 8 boys while sitting on a hill. They just kept sliding into the people in front of us hehehehe :) ) I had a blast. Mike had a blast. All in all it was a perfect Saturday evening! A funny side note: Kyle is VERY attached to his blue blanket. It's name is "Blank". When Mary got home on Saturday night (11:00 or so) she realized that Blank was missing. CRUD. Kyle really needs Blank. So she put the kids in bed (Mike was home from Filming Ice Skating) and drove back up to Wolf Mountain! UGH. Poor Mary. Anyway, I can't believe it but SHE FOUND BLANK!!!! I can't believe it! PHEW!

Here's one of my FAV's!

Empty Twizzlers bags make for great hats!

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