Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cousin Adventure #9 Video Games, Pudding Painting AND the Archery World Cup!

PHEW just writing the title makes my tired! The boys really wanted a video game day, and it had been a nutty week so Mary and I decided that was "just fine". BUT we wanted to make it a little more fun so we added pudding finger/foot painting. After painting Mary told me that she had seen signs up at Weber for the "Archery World Cup". So we looked up the info and headed up to Weber! Matt bought a compound bow this last week and all of the boys had been taking turns shooting it so everyone was excited to see "good archers". Well, it was hot and there wasn't any shade and after a few minutes Matt said "Well, archery is really a lot of do". Mary and I were laughing so hard. What can I say, we tried! We bought some water, looked at the really cool EXPENSIVE bow's and headed home with some tired ornery boys. Kinda "normal" cousin adventure but the kids had a blast which is really that matters

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