Tuesday, August 3, 2010


If my boys could they would go to the Aerospace Museum at Hill at least once a week. They love it there and I promised them that we would go this week. We went yesterday but it didn't work out very well (big boys wanted to go inside, little boys wanted to stay outside, AND we realized Ty has soccer practice so we only had an hour UGH). So we went back today. I didn't take the camera because, well, I have a lot of pictures from our last trip. Once we got there though I wished I had. The back gallery with the fighter jets was closed to the public and we were bummed UNTIL the manager of the museum said he would take us on a tour! Ok so I admit, the boys were excited. At first I thought "I don't really need a tour. I've been here a million times". But I was wrong. It was amazing. Not only did he show us the planes but he told us the personal stories of the planes. Their own histories. The chopper there was the first ANYTHING on the ground at the beginning of Desert Storm. And LBJ and Kennedy used the Air Force One that's there. In addition to all of the cool stories he also showed us the new Vietnam exhibit. It's not finished yet, but the part that is finished was wonderful. They have done such a great job of telling the story through the exhibit. The part that is finished is dedicated to those that were held prisoners by the North Vietnamese. They have reconstructed a cell. Our guide had 2 men get in the cell (made for 4 men) to show how tiny they were. The part that really touched me and the boys though was when he pointed out that being alone in that cell for 5 years would have been worse than being crammed in there with 3 other people. There are so many people that have given so much for not only our freedoms in this country but for the freedoms of others. People that they don't know. People who don't have anything in common with us. But just simply PEOPLE. People who are loved by their Heavenly Father and who deserve to be safe and free. Now I know that Vietnam was not a success. I know that things didn't go "well", but the Men and Women who went there and gave their all, deserve out love and appreciation. I couldn't do what they did. I'm not that strong. But I am sure thankful that they did!

Anyway, THAT is our latest and greatest trip to HAFB!

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