Thursday, August 26, 2010

The First Day of School 2010-2011

Well summer went by WAY to fast and I can't believe it but my sweet boys are now back in school! They couldn't wait! It was 7:15 and they were all dressed, including backpacks, and eating breakfast! So cute!Tyler is in 6th grade and has Mrs. Kelly. He likes her. He came home saying that she was strict and organized and he LOVED it.Matt is in 4th grade and has Mrs. Whitney. He came home happy as could be. He loved playing "Name Bingo" and getting to know everyone in his class. He's just happy that Caleb and Jamie are in his class this year!Isaac is in 1st grade and that of course means that he is now gone all day. He's excited and Loves his teacher (Mrs. Buckway) AND is thrilled that he knows a lot of the kids in his class!Lucas won't start preschool for another few weeks and MAN OH MAN he's missing his brothers! My days are a little quieter but sadly not much calmer LOL! I'm so glad that they are excited and that they love school, but man I sure miss them. They are my favorite people and I love being with them!