Monday, September 5, 2011

Rafting the Weber River

We are so lucky to live where we do. There is SO much to do right here in our own back yard! Today we decided to go rafting and tubing on the Weber River! We went with the Malan's and the Neff's and we had A BLAST! I don't know why we waited so long this year to do it! Oh, wait, yes I do.....massive flooding and the fact that I value life :) Anyway.....back to the amazing Labor Day adventure!

We started with the rafts up above the Kayak park. There were 3 rafts and several tubes. Mike and Travis and Angelo and Tyler all took turns giving the others rides. The older girls and Matt tubed the river. Jamie, Kami and myself drove to the bottom to get ready to pull them out. The smiles were as bright as 1,000 watt bulbs!

Round two was just as much fun! This time Ty got to take Eli down on his own. I don't know who liked it more. Ty or Eli :) 2 of the rafts didn't survive so then we just started tubing through the kayak park. Now I got my turn! It was so much fun! Such a cute dog. The first time down I hit a rock and got flipped off of my tube....and of course I didn't have a life jacket on. It's deep there in the middle of the river! AHHHH! But I did grab the tube and manage to get to the side! I LOVED it! One of the funniest things of the day was the Malan's dog Summer. She kept jumping in and trying to save everyone!

After tubing Mike, Kami and a bunch of the big kids went to try the rope swing! Again, it was awesome!! I was so impressed with by Matt and Isaac! They were so brave! Ty had a really bad headache and had no desire to do it this time. BUT next time he's going to OWN the rope swing!

It was so hard to leave! It started to get cold and Mike and I had a viewing to go to, but NO ONE wanted to leave!! This was one of the BEST Labor Day's ever!!

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