Tuesday, September 13, 2011

3 Amazing Years Old Already?

I can't believe that my sweet baby Nick isn't a baby any more! Sometimes I look at him and can't believe that he was my sick little newborn! I was so scared when he was born SO sick, but look at him now! He is an energetic, smart, hilarious 3 year old! WOW! This year Mike has to go work in Cedar City and won't be here for his or Nick's birthday so we decided to celebrate early. And CELEBRATE we did! We started with Nick's little friend party on Friday. He is obsessed with trains so I copied Kyle's (Mary's) train cake . Jamie helped me pull it all together (I'm a little overwhelmed I think) and Nick was happy as could be! He had fun with his friends (except for the traditional melt down) and LOVED his presents. 1 hour was PERFECT!

Then on Sunday we had our little family party and gave Nick his presents. He loved his Angry Bird, Hungary Hippo's and his WAY AWESOME Gervious Light Saber!

Today I took Nick, Lucas Kyle and Mary for a gourmet lunch at McDonalds! It's so nice to have children that are easy to please! Tonight we had a soccer game and then we came home for cupcakes!

I sure love and adore my sweet Nick. I am honestly the most blessed woman on earth! Happy Birthday Nick!!

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