Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Amazing Isaac

I ADORE my sweet Isaac. He is so full of life and SO smart! That little brain of his never stops running. Isaac amazes me. His testimony and spiritual understanding Amazes me. I look at him and wonder HOW in the WORLD I am lucky enough to be his mother. ANYWAY, this amazing wonderful boy turned 8 today. I don't know where the last 8 years have gone. It's like sand slipping through my fingers.

This year Isaac decided that he wanted to go and see "Dolphin Tail" with some friends. Then he proceeded to invite A LOT OF FRIENDS! He's such a cute little boy! We filled a whole LONG row at the theater, but he was happy and we all LOVED the movie. I had all sorts of great pictures but something happened to the sd card and I lost them all. Along with a ton of other pic's......GRRRRR. I hope that Isaac will always remember this even without the pic's!

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andrewjay said...

Thanks for sharing! I really like this picture of Isaac.