Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The First Day Of School!

I have a love hate relationship with the first day of school. I LOVE our schools, our teachers, all that the kids learn, all that I get to help with. I HATE having my kids gone all day! I know it's not what most parents say, but I honestly miss my boys so much during the day! This year has been harder too I think because Tyler is starting Jr. High and next week Lucas starts Kindergarten. They're all growing up SO FAST!

This morning Tyler was so excited and really not very nervous. I was nervous enough for him I think! hahahaha. He's so chill about everything! Anyway, he took off for the bus at 7 and came home at 3 happy as a clam!Matt and Isaac were so excited to leave this morning! They both have the teacher that they wanted (Mrs. Cox for Isaac and Mrs. Watson for Matt) and they just couldn't wait to get there! They also came home happy as could be and just a tad tired!

One more week until Lucas starts and then one more and Nick starts preschool! phew at least it's spread out!

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