Saturday, August 13, 2011

Backpacking In The Uintah's

There are times that I really feel like I'm missing out.......and this is one of those times! Mike and Tyler had a great adventure and Missy eve got to go along! They went to the Crystal Lake Trail head in the Uintah's. The first thing they found was the mosquitos. Mike said that they swarmed them the second they stepped out of the car! I think that Mike was pretty happy that I got the head nets even though he said they weren't necessary :). They hiked about 2 miles and then set up camp. It was dark by the time they set up camp so they cooked dinner and went to bed. The next day they made pancakes (yup they like it when I pack from them), cleaned up and then went fishing. Tyler was so excited to catch his first fish! He let it go and then wished he hadn't. He wanted to eat later on he caught another one and saved it for breakfast on Saturday! They had fun hiking and playing all day on Saturday. Tyler loved the fact that he could play in the snow in August! We've been so lucky to have such a great scout master. We're all sad because with the ward boundary changes the Christiansen's won't be in our ward anymore :( Our family is having a hard time with that fact. Anyway, after playing around they packed up and hiked out! My poor dog was BEAT! I don't think that she will move for a week! I'm so glad that Tyler has such great leaders and such a great Dad. He gets to have such great experiences! I love scouts!

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