Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cache Valley Century

I know that Mike blogged the ride and posted his little video (which I loved) but since the pic's won't be in my blog book I decided to post a few pic's too:)

I also have to say that I loved this ride. I loved being with Mike and doing something like this. I loved riding with Brian and Erin. I loved that I did it and never bonked :) Cache Valley is gorgeous and it was so much fun to see so much of it from my bike!

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Mike's Woodwork By Design said...

So I'm going to add, it was such a FUN RIDE! There was the cat.5 climb coming up west out of Preston, ID, which Liz rocked it up, btw - see photo and video for dtls...and some other short climbs, but otherwise it was a relatively flat ride, great comfortable weather, little if any wind, good food at rest stops, and the best company! I hope we get to do lots more of these century rides together. It's awesome because we get all the fun training together, and then the ride too of course. Liz has become quite the cyclist now. She even has scary pedals. It's been a fun summer. Now for fall and winter riding...wish it was warm all year!