Monday, May 16, 2011

Math and Science Olympiad!

Today was Weber School District's Math and Science Olympiad. Both Tyler and Matt were going and I was so excited to go watch them. Tyler went for Tile Trials and Matt went for Krypto. They were both so nervous! Ty went first. His partner was Mason and they ROCKED IT! They tied for 1st place! The funny thing is that on the last one they were almost out of time so so Ty guessed! Thank goodness he's a good guesser! BLUE RIBBON for Ty!Then it was time for Matt! He was so excited and SO nervous. He was excited that Jess was one of his 2 partner's. I think that helped his nerves a little. Well, the Riverdale team ROCKED IT! As the scores were being announced Matt and Jess started bouncing. The more scores they read the more they bounced. They won handily. BLUE RIBBON for Matt!WAHOO! It's great to have such smart kids :) Nick and Lucas had to take turns with the blue medals too!!! Congrats Kiddo's!

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