Wednesday, May 25, 2011

6th Grade Graduation.....Tyler is AMAZING!

Today was 6th grade graduation and I am SO proud of my wonderful Tyler. First off, I have to say that he's SO STINKIN CUTE! Second, he is SO polite! Third, he won EACH and EVERY AWARD given out at Graduation. I'm not kidding! He won, the Presidential Physical Fitness Award, the Attendance Award, Citizenship Award, Highest Reading Minutes, Peer Leader Award, and High Honor Roll Award for getting all A's ALL YEAR LONG! I have to say that I am just so PROUD of him for working so hard. And unlike every other year he really did have to work! His wonderful teachers pushed him hard. They REALLY made him work for those A's and it was SO good for him!!! After the graduation we all went to the library for cake.....and I have to say that whoever decorated for that and whoever bought the cakes was amazing!!! Just Kidding :) There were lots of us :) It was fun to have Mom and Don there with us too.

After graduation we took the kids and went to lunch at IHOP with a bunch of other kids.......and that's when I remembered that my wonderful, amazing son was.......a 12 year old boy :) ahhh I sure love him!

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