Friday, May 27, 2011


We have all been a very emotional time for those of us at Riverdale Elementary. Our wonderful principal, Mr. Hales, is retiring. We all LOVE him so much and will miss him SO MUCH! Sadly we are also losing Mrs. Whitney, Mrs. Sewell, Mrs. Jensen (to retirement) and Mr. Porter and Mrs Wilde to another school. AHHHHH what will we do without them??? Anyway, we wanted to put together a fun farewell assembly and so we decided to make it an ALOHA assembly. I had fun decorating, and making Mr. Hales gift. I had each child in the school write a letter or draw a picture and then I put them into a book. Well, actually it ended up being 4 books. We also had some wonderful kids do several Polynesian dances. We made Mr. Hales dress up and all those leaving had to do the dances :) It was so much fun and I made it through my part without crying much! But man I am so going to miss all of them!!!!

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