Sunday, May 15, 2011

HOLY COW! MATT'S 10!!!!!

I honestly can't believe that my sweet little Matt is no longer little. He's 10!!!! What the heck? Where did that time go? I just adore him and I am so thankful that the Lord sent him to me. Every day with him is a blessing. Every morning he makes my day. ANYWAY, this year his B-day time has been a little bit tricky. With 3 kids playing soccer, Preschool Graduation, the school Carnival, PTA convention and baseball, finding time for a party has been tricky and still hasn't been planned :( BUT thankfully his birthday was a Sunday. That meant that we could just relax and celebrate Matt. We started the day with yummy pancakes, turkey bacon and presents! Matt got the second Red Pyramid book, a lot of clothes, some BYU under armour and some sun glasses that clip onto his glasses. He's so cute :) Then after church we made calazone's and then had the Malan's over for peach pie! Happy Birthday my sweet MATT!

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