Monday, April 19, 2010

Knock On Wood - It Could Be Worse

Well, it's easy to be gloomy or discouraged, what with friends losing jobs, money being tight, work being slow, medical bills, all that stuff that is part of life for so many of us right now. I got a bit of a reality check today, though, in the form of a facebook message from a now-married-with-children girl who was in Prague while I was there on my mission, but went back home to South Africa. SHe said they're on the verge of another racial war there. This was her snapshot of what life is like:

"Yes, it is scary. We have double sided burglar bars (inside the house and out) we have security gates in our house and escape routes in case of anything. we have a security company guarding and alarms and infrared beams across our gardens with high rise walls and electric fencing all around our property. We have at least 3 sets of locks on each of our doors leading to the outside.
We can't walk in the streets, going out is a fear that we live with every day. we have to have shatter proof film on our car windows in case of smash and grabs at the lights... and with the racial things going on well... chaos. The kids are seldom at the shops because the parents are afraid that they will be kidnapped... It's a nightmare so this is why I'm saving up to go to the UK. I am looking for work so that we can leave."

Makes that "need" for a second bathroom and more storage space seem a wee bit insignificant, doesn't it?

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Eva Persson said...

Wow! That truly is a wake up call for what is really important. Wish your friend the best in getting out.