Friday, April 23, 2010

The Case Of The Missing Snake....Wah wah wah!!

Tonight I was helping Lucas clean his room. I looked in on the snakes and noticed once again that only one was at all visible. I realized that every time I've looked in there this week only the gray one was out. My stomach flip flopped. I had a sinking feeling that last Saturday when Mike fed the orange one (the little tank we feed them in doesn't have a locking lid. Mike says it's totally fine with a book on the lid. hmmm) it had escaped. This is the conversation that followed.

Me "Mike, um, did you put the snake back after you fed him?"
Mike "Of course"
Me "Uh are you sure? Cuz I haven't seen him all week."
Mike "You know they like to hide. It's not an unusual thing"
Me "I think you need to check"
Mike "nah....well, I guess that there's a chance..."

Then he came in and opened the snake tank. And WHAT DO YOU KNOW???? We had a missing snake! My stomach started to churn. Now, I don't mind having the snakes. As long as they are locked in a tank. But roaming my house?!?! No way!! I told Mike to start searching Lucas and Nick's room and I went to call Mary. I needed a compassionate ear!! As I was talking to Mary, Mike came out with the missing snake wrapped around his arm! They found it under the bed! Lucas had crawled under the bed and started throwing stuff out. He kinda forgot what he was doing and when he found the snake he totally freaked out!! Thank goodness our new snake is VERY lazy!

Now I can go to bed and actually sleep!

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