Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

I LOVE Easter! We started off our celebrations last weekend with an egg hunt and BBQ at mom's. It was a lot of fun. FREEZING, but fun!

We had a great Easter around our place this year. We had worked really hard to get the house all clean and all of our conference treats ready so that we could just spend Saturday and Sunday relaxing and enjoying conference and Easter. It was perfect! There is nothing better than 2 days of Christ centered family time! Here's the break down:

Coloring eggs is always an adventure.....but fun!

Then Mary and I took the kids and played at Chick-Fil-A during the Priesthood session of conference. Well actually we played there for a little while and then the kids got bored so then we went to Burger King (bigger play place) and ate Icees! Then we lost our sanity and went to Deseret Book. That lasted about 5 minutes and we remembered WHY we will wait 12 years to go back on "Ladies Night"

Easter morning was a fun little egg hunt, and then I went back to bed until it was time for conference! LOVED that part!

We ate WAY too much junk but it was a great day. I even conquered Jello! (It has never really set right. But a friend told me just to add less water and VIOLA! I am now a Jello pro!)

Happy Easter!!!

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