Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cousin Adventure Spring Break Style!

Well we COULDN'T have 4 days off of school with out playing with our cousins! Thursday night Tyler, Matt and Isaac had a FANTASTIC sleep over (which included Mike O's German Pancakes)! Then when I went to pick them up Mary and I spent a long time watching home movies from when my kids were all little! Oh they have grown up so fast! And I have to say, Mary and I do a LOT of fun things together!

Anyway, then on Saturday Mary and I took the boys out during the Priesthood session of Conference. First we went to Chick-Fil-A and let them play on the play ground. Then they got bored (it's small). So we hopped over to Burger King (bigger play place!). We had Icee's and played around until it was time to head home and get the play by play on Priesthood from the Dads!

THEN, on Monday we took the kids to the Natural History Museum at the University of Utah. It was VERY crowded (It was free and with the SNOW I think everyone in Utah was there!) but we still had a blast! EVERYONE of our boys LOVE science so there really isn't a better place to hang out!

Thanks Oveson's for a great Spring Break!

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mary said...

Fun, fun, fun! I was looking through your blog and I've decided we have twin blogs. :) At least half the posts on the first page are the same... april fools day, passover, cousin adventure, easter, conference... we should just copy each others and save the time!! :)