Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Spring Break this year was really early. 2 weeks before Easter actually, but because of that we really didn't have ANY set plans! Which since it snowed for the first 3 days is probably a good thing! Anyway, we started out out break by going to play at Toads with the Ovesons. Even better, we ran into the Moss family! We played laser tag, and mini golf and then headed back home ( in the blizzard) to try our hand at some cheese-less pizza! My sweet sister suggested that we spend that first day off from school trying to show Matt that we can still find things he can eat! She's so great. After some yummy (yes it was actually pretty good) lunch we all settled down to watch Tron. SO MUCH BETTER THAN I HAD THOUGHT IT WOULD BE! I even followed this one!

Friday Mike came home from work SO SICK! He never comes home and goes back to bed before 10. Even when he's sick. But this time he did. He stayed there until the boys and I were leaving to go to the rock and mineral show with the Ovesons. He really wanted to go, so he suffered through and the kids were glad he did. I've never been to the rock and mineral show before, but it was awesome! My kids were in HEAVEN! We were there for a few hours (until Mike couldn't do it anymore) and I can honestly say, I never got bored!After the Rock and mineral show I took Matt to the eye doc. Yep, he's near sighted. Poor kid got my eye sight :(. BUT he really likes the glasses he picked so hopefully he'll be ok with this latest change in his life.

Saturday Mike and I had to go to a Scout training in the morning. Not exactly a thrill a minute, but when I got home the kids had almost finished their chores!!!! They're such great kids!
Saturday night we celebrated Kyle's 3rd B-day! I can't believe he's already 3!!!!! Where in the world has the time gone? Anyway, it was a lot of fun. I love being an Aunt. There is just something special about that relationship.

Monday was our last day of "vacation" and I wanted to do something fun and OUTSIDE! Instead we went to a movie LOL! I did take Lucas tot he park later in the day though and that was wonderful!!! The kid can do the monkey bars! I had no idea! ANYWAY, back to the movie. Jamie and I took the kids (plus Logan and Chelsea Voigt and Chelsea Christensen) and went to see "Soul Surfer". I LOVED the movie. I cried and cried through the entire movie! Bethany Hamilton is an amazing person and the strength of character that she showed and continues to show is/was WAY beyond her years. My boys loved the show. Isaac was cheering out loud for her when she got back into the water and figured out how to get up on her surf board. So fun.
It was just nice to have one last day to relax and be together. I love my kids and I love every second that I have with them.

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