Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Poor Matt

This morning we had Matt's appointment with the allergist. We knew that there were a few things he might be allergic to, but I don't think that we were ready for the list. Corn, carrots, celery, apples, banana's, milk, eggs, Almonds and pork.

Now, Mike and I both have food allergies, but Matt's are a little different because he's actually allergic to the FOOD, not the tree, plants or pollens like we are. We can cook our fruit's and veggies and with 2 exceptions we're ok, but Matt can't. He can't have any of these foods and milk, eggs, and corn are in EVERYTHING!!!!!! Poor Matt's been in tears. I feel so bad. Mike feels so bad. The list of things he CAN'T have is huge when it all comes down to it. Poor guy. I went to the store to try to find things he could eat. I ended up in tears. Somehow we'll figure this out!

There is a BIG silver lining though.....she thinks that Matt's choking is a condition caused by his allergies! His Esophagus is constantly swollen thus the choking. We're going to a Pediatric GI doc for a scope to be sure, BUT man it sure would explain a LOT!!!

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