Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rip Roarin Party Time!

Lucas wanted a race car party this time around. After the weekend that I was scrambling to pull everything together for the party. I was stressing about the cake while talking to my wonderful sister and she said "let me make the cake." Isn't she amazing? What would I do without her? ANYWAY back to the party.....we had 20+ kids here, and it was nutty. We played duck, duck, goose, Hot potato, freeze dance, Bingo, and had a Pinata. Then we opened presents and had cake. It felt like time flew and I was just trying to keep up! One of my friends said that when she got here the kids were running outside (to watch the big kids demolish the re-taped pinata) and it looked like a freaking clown car. The kids never stopped coming :) Yep that's about how it went! BUT Lucas had a blast and felt as special as we all think he is. Happy Birthday Lucas!

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