Sunday, February 13, 2011

Let the Birthday Mania BEGIN!

February is always a little nutty with Zach Pres and Lucas all sharing the same birthday week, so this year we decided to do the February birthdays early in the month. Last night we had Pizza, cake and presents at the Oveson's and then went to play at Toads. Lucas was SO excited to celebrate his birthday. He cracks me up. All day he would run up to me and say "PRESENTS!" and run away. I have to mention that Mary made an AWESOME laser tag cake :)

I am having a hard time believing that Zach is going to be 8, Preston will be 6, and Lucas 5. Where in the world did the time go?

Now, as a side note, driving go carts in Utah in February at night time is.........well FREEZING! We were all so excited to see that the carts were running we just had to try. UGH I don't know if my hands have ever been that COLD!

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