Monday, February 7, 2011


We don't watch a lot of football in our house. Mike doesn't really like sitting down and wasting that much time. That and it takes him back to his childhood when his dad would watch football "the random shouting at refs, screaming in glee when something happened - it was frightening to a little kid, trust me. Where did my dad go and who is this crazy man who looks like him?!?!"

BUT every once in a while when I really want to watch a game he gives in and watches it with us. This years Superbowl was one of those games. I really really like the Packers, and I really really wanted the Steelers to loose!

Well, it was a great, crazy game. I wasn't sure if the Packers would pull it out but they did! The best part was watching the boys, including Nick, cheer and scream with me :) Mostly I just enjoyed relaxing and being with my family:)

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