Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Birthday to my AMAZING Lucas!

Oh how I adore my sweet Lucas. He is so sweet and loving and I ADORE his dimples when he smiles! I really can't believe it's been 5 years since he joined our family. He's been a ray of sunshine since that night when he entered the world. If only he'd sleep in his own bed :) I am so excited to watch him grow up. I'm sure he's going to great things in his life.Lucas' birthday this year was a little strange this year since it fell on Presidents Day and we were in St. George for Tyler's soccer tournament. BUT it also made for an adventure! The day started out with presents at 7am. I wanted to start the day with the understanding that despite the soccer tournament it WAS Lucas' birthday first and foremost. SO, Lucas got to open his presents. He got a real tool set, a build-it-yourself catapult set, a pillow pet, how to train your dragon jammies, and 2 snap together air plane model kits. He was in heaven!

Then of course it was off to soccer, but after that was all done we gave Lucas the choice of what to do. He wanted to go swimming. I was happy. I love swimming, and there's a great pool in Santa Clara! Grandma went with us and we had a GREAT time. It was so funny to watch Nick's fearless-ness. He's insane. I know that this is about Lucas' b-day but I have to say that Nick was nuts. He totally had to go down the big water slide alone. He wouldn't even let anyone help him START on the slide. Silly kid.

After swimming we went back to Grandma and Grandpa's for a yummy lasagna (she let Lucas pick) lunch, cake and ice cream.

Then we hit the road! The kids slept and we made great time UNTIL we hit Utah county. Then it was horrible. But we finally made it through and finally got to Draper where we met Grandma and Grandpa Wittke for a quick birthday dinner at Carl's Junior. Lucas thought it was pretty awesome that he got to see all of his grandparents on his Birthday!Then it was back in the van and HOME! I love getting home!

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Megan said...

I love your cute Lucas! He is the sweetest boy. I can't believe he's 5. I love his expressions when he's opening his presents! He looks so excited about everything! Love it!