Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentimes Day!

Ahhh I love Valentines day! Mike and I have now spent 15 years celebrating this day together. 15 years ago he came to get me for our first ever Valentines day date. He brought me some flowers, AND he brought my mom one. Such a sweetie. We then went to Village Inn and had some chicken fried steak. He was still such a nervous RM :) Then we went back to mom's and watched "Mission Impossible". Since it was filmed in Prague it got Mike to relax and talk about his mission. Such a fun memory.

Our morning this morning started with red, heart shaped waffles. Things were going smoothly. Too smoothly. Things never go that smoothly:) Suddenly Mike yelled "Uh, You're not going to be happy". I yelled back "You better not have lost another snake or I'm going to kill you!" he told me to get ready to kill him. UGH. We still haven't found it BTW. We kinda just had to move on with our day and hope to find it later. There was too much to do!

We got the boys off to school and then I got busy with the 6th grade dance. All year the kids learn and work on 10 dances. Some of the dances were: Black Cat, Macarena, chicken dance, hokey pokey, cha-cha slide, the electric slide, YMCA, and Boot Scootin Boogie. It was my job to plan the food, decorations and prizes. We had a lot of fun planning and it's nice to have so much help. The other really fun part was coming up with Tyler's costume. They could choose between 50's attire or 70's attire. Ty opted for the 70's. I found some old pants of my mom's, borrowed a vest from a friend, and ought the rest at Zurchers. It was AWESOME!!! Mike, as usual came to help out and we had a blast! Well, Nick didn't but it's ok because he took a nap! The kids all had such a blast. I had so much fun just watching Tyler. He's such a cute kid! He and Tayah won the prizes for the best 70's costumes. PERFECT!

Tonight we went to, of course, Village Inn! Dinner was yummy and the kids were all so good.....until Nick started to puke. UGH. He was COVERED! He didn't get upset however until a drop got on his "horsey butts". Silly boy.

The little boys and I decided that we needed to give Dad some sing-a-ma-jigs. 2 will sing in harmony, and since we are always"in harmony" I thought they were a perfect gift!Each boy had to take a turn in the costume:) and now we are all watching "Mission Impossible". I love my family. I have the world's BEST husband and boys.

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Tauni said...

So fun!

BTW - I seriously LOVE the picture Mike posted of you on facebook holding I think Nick. You look so happy just really pretty! Just thought I would tell ya!