Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Timpanogus Cave!

We were eating a yummy labor day breakfast (German Pancakes) and trying to decide what to do with our day. I suggested hiking Timpanogos and touring the cave. I called Mary to see if they wanted to go with us (they did), threw on a hat, grabbed my makeup, packed a lunch and we were out of here! By the time we hit 10600 south I realized that my camera didn't have a card in it. GRRRRR. Luckily Mom and Don had one I could borrow! While I was inside getting it Don and Jon were talking to Mike and the kids and Lucas told them that he hadn't hiked to the cave "since I was pregnant with my mom". EVERYONE got quite a laugh out of that one. (really I wasn't pregnant with anyone AND he was with us last time, but man he's cute!) ANYWAY, back to the adventure! We new that there would be a long wait once we got our tickets so we brought our raft with us. We figured that we could buy our tickets and then play at Tibble Fork! We were right. By the time we got down there there was a 4 hour wait! The kids were really happy though because they really wanted to play in the water. Tibble Fork was GORGEOUS. We had the only raft on the lake (if you can call it a lake. But it's too big to be a pond, so I don't know!) so other than avoiding fishing hooks it was perfect!

Time flew and before we knew it we were heading back down the canyon! We found the Ovesons and started our trek. Now if you haven't ever hiked Timp, you might not know how steep it is. It's steep. LOL. But the kids all did great. They even stayed away from the edge of the trail and didn't throw any rocks off of the edge of the mountain! Everyone but Nick and Kyle hiked the whole thing and really didn't complain!
The cave is amazing. One of THE most beautiful things I have ever seen . Such a different world. We even saw a cave cricket! Lucas was my buddy, and at the beginning of the tour he was really nervous. He had no idea what to expect. But a few minutes into the tour he said "Mom, this isn't scary at all! It's beautiful!" And that right there about sums it all up! I love that we live in an area that has SO many beautiful places! There was a man from Kenya on our tour with us. He's a runner and he came here to run in all of the "big money races" in Utah. In the last month he has run in ever big race in the state and not only has he won ALL of them but he's set records in ALL OF THEM! He made it up the mountain in 23 minutes. 23 MINUTES! I didn't think that was even possible! But our Ranger guide said that the record is 17 minutes. Really? seriously? I though we were doing great to make it up in about an hour! Anyway, It was fun to listen to his amazement. There are a lot of things that I take for granted.The kids all agreed that going down was a lot harder because your not allowed to run and it's hard not to run! They were so good and so stinking cute! At one point my Mike was in the lead with Nick on his shoulders, followed by the 7 walking boys and me. A lady stopped me with a look of awe on her face (yes I knew what was coming) and asked if they were all mine. I said "No, only 5 of them" and she said "they are all so good! Like little ducks in a row! Wow you really have great kids!" And she is totally right. They are all amazing and we couldn't do fun things like this if they weren't.

After the hike we were all beat. I mean BEAT. Everyone collapsed into their seats, ate apples and started begging for dinner. hehehe Boys. It's all about the next meal! We called Mom to see if she and Don wante to meet us for dinner somewhere only to find out that they had gone shopping and bought everything for a BBQ! It was perfect! So thoughtful and fun to just relax and enjoy family. Jon and Tee and Melissa were there too. SO MUCH FUN. Of course, in typical Staten fashion that couldn't possible be the end. It never can go quite that smoothly! As we were driving home Nick threw up. TONS. All over. UGH. So we stopped at a Kmart and I ran in for new jammies while Mike cleaned him up. Luckily he had been covered with Tyler's hoodie and that caught most of it. Nick was perfectly fine after that and fell asleep! I tell ya that one sure manages to keep us on our toes!

*sigh* All in all it was a WONDERFUL family/cousin adventure!

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mary said...

So fun!!!! Thanks for taking us! I loved it!