Sunday, September 26, 2010

First's and Last's

Well, today was our annual Primary Program. It was WONDERFUL. Kami did a great job writing it and, I know I'm a little biased, BUT my kids did a great job too! It was a very emotional program for me though. It was Lucas' first program and Tyler's last. In fact, because of Conference next week, it was Ty's last day in primary. Ahhh those mile stones. Anyway, parts go as follows: Lucas said the first Article or Faith, Isaac sang the "Abraham" verse to Follow the Prophet, Ty and Matt sang the "President Monson"verse, and Ty's class sang "Come Follow Me". They all did a great job and enjoyed themselves (even Ty!). As we were sitting there my Mom reminded me of Tyler's first program. He was a Sunbeam like Lucas and he spent the whole time sliding back and forth along the little half wall at the front of the stand. He was so funny. And so little. Where did the time go???

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