Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ride 'Em Cowboys!

Tonight was the night to party around here! It's Mike's birthday, Cousin Jonathan's b-day is today, Nick's is tomorrow, Isaac's and Mom's are later this month. SO today we had a party befitting even the coolest cowboys! Ok, maybe not, but we had fun! I made wanted posters of all the b -day folk, and most of us dressed up! We had stew, corn on the cob, home made root beer, corn bread, AND of course we all ate out of pie tins! There were presents galore (Nick really LOVE unwrapping everything. Loved the presents too, but REALLY loved the unwrapping part!) Mom got truly spoiled with an IPad, Isaac of course loved all the "cool stuff" he got and Mike is thrilled about his bike computer and all of the new books he got! Nick loved his horse cake, and everyone else got to blow out candles on the cowboy boot cake! I thought that the fire department was going to show up though. All that smoke from mom's candles and all :) . Everyone is beat and in bed (yay!!!) which I think means it was another successful party!

My favorite quote of the evening:

By Isaac when trying to decide which cake to eat "Well, I really want chocolate, but I'm sure the carrot cake is healthier. Hmmm. Ok, well I guess I'll have Carrot"

My Favorite "Funny Thing" of the night: When Mom and Don got here Nick was walking around holding a dish towel. Don took the Towel and tied it around Nick's waist. Nick wore it ALL night and refused to let us take it off until we were putting PJ's on him. SO cute!

Making The CakesThe Cute Cowboys and Cowgirls!
Chow Time!
Presents!Time to blow out the candles!

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