Friday, September 17, 2010

And The State Fair Blue Ribbon's Go To...........

Mike of course!!! What else would anyone expect?? As my last post shared :) we spend Monday night at the Utah State Fair! Nick was in heaven and Mike was nervous and excited to see how his entries had done. I tell him all the time that he does a great job and that I think he's amazing, but my words don't really mean much I guess. Just kidding. He was just really excited to see what people who know wood turning think. That was our first stop. AND OF COURSE he got Blue Ribbons on all of his entries! He's so talented and amazing! WAHOO!!!The rest of the Fair was also incredible fun. We got to see the cow's getting milked and the beef cows getting groomed! The kids (not just Nick) loved riding the horses, and of course the BIG YELLOW SLIDE! I love my family and any time spent with them is heaven!

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