Wednesday, September 22, 2010

13 Wonderful, Amazing, Fabulous Years!

Yes I look like I've been bawling. No I really wasn't sad, I just couldn't handle the ONIONS!

I'm a couple of days late getting this written, BUT I couldn't let this week pass without writing about how thankful I am for my wonderful Hubby. Monday the 20th was our 13th Anniversary. I can't believe we've been married that long. I also can't believe that it doesn't feel any longer than a year. I really scored in the husband department. He is so supportive, and helpful, loving, kind and HARD working. He made it a priority for me to stay home with our kids from the beginning, and has never once acted like it was a sacrifice. I know that it's hard for him to carry all of the stress of providing for our family but I'm so thankful that he does!

ANYWAY, on Monday Mike had to run to Salt Lake to pick up some wood and his State Fair entries so the boys and I just rode with him . I figured normal life had to go on but I could at least be with him! Then, Mike took the afternoon off and came home to be with me! We made Chicken Coconut Korma and Naan for dinner (SOOOOOO yummy) and then watched our wedding Video with the kids. It's so funny yo look back and see how young we were! And the fun thing is that I realized I still look at him with the same love and awe as I did that day. In fact probably a lot more actually. ANYWAY I love you sweetie and can't imagine my life without you!!

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