Thursday, July 22, 2010

Whatcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy ? (cousin adventure #7)

Take them to the RODEO!!! We look forward to the Ogden Pioneer Days Rodeo all year! This year we were babysitting the Ovesons (it was Mary and Mike's 10th anniversary!) and so the Rodeo also served as cousin adventure for the week! This adventure actually started on Saturday when Jamie took my kids and met the Malan's and walked the kids parade for the kids tickets! Tyler and Matt dressed us as Indians and Isaac ans Lucas as cowboys! They had a great time AND it got them excited for the Rodeo!

Monday night we all loaded up into 2 vans and (7 Statens, 3 Ovesons and 3 Neff's!) headed to the Rodeo! Nick and Kyle were so excited to go see horses! We went early so that we could see all of the "Pre-Rodeo" activities. There are so many fun ones! I personally loved the mutton busting. My boys begged to do it next year. I just have to remember to sign them up in time!
There is a more patriotic group of people than COWBOYS!!! I love the tributes that they do to the armed forces. They had those that served in foreign wars stand up. Then all that have ever served in the military. Then the riderless horse came through the arena. So touching. It was also so cool to hear my boys singing the national anthem. Ty and Matt know all of the words and LOVE to sing it! I also love that the Rodeo starts with a prayer.The kids were all in heaven, but Nick was OVER THE MOON! He was jumping, shouting and signing "MORE" every time the horses rode out of the arena! SO fun.I think that the highlight for a lot of the boys was the snow cones. Everyone was a sticky mess afterwards, but they were happy. I think that Mike's highlight of the evening was the 20 bathroom trips he made! hehehehe. I have such a great husband! It was just so much fun to be there with not only my sweet family, so many friends that I love. They kids just LOVE being together!There was no leaving early for us! With the Bulls and then the Motorcycles we had to stay THE ENTIRE TIME! We didn't get the kids all down until 11:30, but I still think it was worth it!

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