Monday, July 12, 2010

Independance Day 2010

Since the 4th was a Sunday this year the city had their celebrations on Saturday the 3rd. SO, somehow I dragged my tired self out of bed at 6:15 in order to get to the kids games set up. I have to say though that I have THE best boys in the world. They must have set their alarms because at 6:30 up they cam dressed and ready to help. Which I really needed since I couldn't walk (blisters on the bottoms of your feet tend to make it hard to walk). Couldn't have done it without Mike and the boys!We got done in time for Mike and the boys to get home and get their bikes for the kids parade, while I ran to walmart to get some last minute things for the games. Tyler pulled Nick in the trailer while Mike helped Lucas ride his bike (minus the training wheels !!) and Matt and Isaac raced up the road!The parade was great as usual. Nick was scared/thrilled/in love with the police cars and fire trucks! He was shaking and at first I thought he was going to cry but it quickly turned into a belly laugh. So much fun!The kids games were fun and I love that they are only an hour. I had wonderful friends that showed up to help out. NEVER could have done it alone! Obstacle course, tug-o-war, human fuse ball, and Duck races/Chickens and Hen made for happy kids!After a nap :) we headed over to the Oveson's for a fun BBQ. It was nice just ot sit and relax for a little bit. Mary always throws a great party! The kids had fun playing Tug-O-War and begged Mary to play patriotic charades. We played last 4th and they just HAD to lay again this year!

They we headed back home to watch fireworks! It was so fun to have Clerie AND Addison there this year with Paul and Jonathan! The Cantwell's and Oveson's were there as usual too and I just LOVE that we can sit on my front lawn and watch fireworks! AND I think that we actually made it through sparklers without anyone getting burned! wahoo!!! It was all going SO well until all of a sudden Nick, who had been asleep in my arms, started to throw up on me. UGH! Jenn ran in and grabbed a bowl, Melanie ran in and grabbed a towel and Once I got Mike's attention he took Nick in to the tub while I sprayed off with the hose. Yep it was that bad. ugh. Oh well. At least we were on my front lawn and not at the park!


TheJ said...

keep enjoying yourself and having fun with life. that's the way to live, isn't it?

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The Cantwell Clan said...

I'm totally laughing at the last pic of Corlin! What a goober. Thanks for having us over, we love it!