Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Cooper!

It really can't be true. She can't really be old enough because that means I am getting old. BUT since she did....ok so just to clarify, my wonderful little (ok not so little anymore) cousin Alie got married!

We started the festivities on Saturday. Mike O had to be at the rehearsal and since Mary and I had been at funerals all day we went to meet him and get the kids. We walked in to find this:
The grooms men showed up dressed in their "best"! The wedding coordinator WAS NOT PLEASED. hehe

Later that evening Mike and I had a great time at a yummy luau rehearsal dinner at Glad and Kami's.

The wedding was Monday July 19th. We got there early so that Tyler (usher) and the rest of the boys (gift takers) could figure out what they needed to do. Right as we pulled up to the Old Meeting House Nick choked on a piece of meat and threw up. ALL OVER. SOAKED. UGH. Mike stripped him and wet wiped him off and hurried to find a store. There aren't a lot of stores around there. Thankfully he found a DI. The best $5 ever spent!Anyway, Alie looked gorgeous and was just glowing. I had a hard time not losing it and bawling like a baby! I can't believe she's grown into such a beautiful woman. The boys were so excited about their "jobs". They love to feel a part of big and important things!It was fun to be with my family. All of my brothers and wives, my sister and Mike, Mom and Don, lots of my cousins, Grandpa and Bev, Even Great Aunts and Uncles (Chuck and Leon and Lucille). I even got to see my cousin Adam and his little baby girl! She's so cute!

The most touching part of the night for me was watching Alie and Glade dance together. Such a beautiful, loving father-daughter moment. One of those moments that makes me bawl like a baby.It was a beautiful wedding and I just LOVE my family so much! Here's my favorite pic of the night!

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