Tuesday, July 13, 2010


my sweet boys love to be busy. Let me rephrase that. They LOVE sports and anything that that entails, so summer means lessons. Swimming lessons, Volley Ball inter murals, Tennis lessons. They have had a blast and learned a lot and I LOVE seeing them happy!

Swimming Lessons
We always go to Lorrin Farr pool. This year we got to do them with the Oveson's again! Nick and Kyle were sidelined this year. Nick WAS NOT happy!

Volley Ball
Tyler and Matt love everything that they get to do up at the community center. Volley Ball is the sport of the summer! Matt's team took first and Ty's took second!Tennis
our friend Chelsea is on the tennis team at Bonneville High and for their fund raiser they held a 3 day tennis camp. I decided that since Ty and Matt had volley ball Isaac needed something special and he has LOVED tennis! SUCH a cutie!

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