Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ogden Pioneer Days Rodeo!! (And cousin adventure #9)

We LOVE the Rodeo! We look forward to it every year! This year Mary and Mike (and kids) and Michelle, Amanda and Chelsea Voigt went with us. The kids all love watching the animals, but it was hilarious to watch Nick and Kyle! They loved the horses. They would cheer and laugh! Kyle especially loved the CowGIRLS!! I am amazed but the kids lasted all the way through the fireworks! Shoulda been a cowboy!

It was HOT!!
Nick was amazed by the horses!

Tyler was tired when we started! Who knows how he made it to the fireworks!
we sat on the front row for a reason! Little boys need room to squirm!

The boys were waiting all night for the motorcycles! These aren't the greatest pic's but, they give the idea!!Zach caught a shirt!! And then Isaac and Lucas had to try it on too!

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mary said...

So fun! Though I am kind of concerned about Kyle's facination with the girls. :> THanks a million!