Friday, July 17, 2009

Cousin Adventure Day #7 the Bingham Canyon Mine!

Last week's cousin adventure day was so much fun. We took the kids up to Copperton and visited the Mine. Mike and I took the kids there last year, but Mary's kids had never been there before. Zach rode with us in our car and when Tyler realized that he'd never been there he started telling him all about it. I was amazed at what he remembered from last July! That kid and his memory! The big tire was great of course, and then the kids had a blast just watching the big dump trucks drive around down in the mine. Lucas was upset because he thought that the green rocks filling one of the dump trucks were dog mess, but what what can ya do?!?!?

We really enjoyed the movie and we all learned a ton. The boys were all totaly enthalled! For my boys one of the best parts of the day was walking around the museum and seeing all of the WWII artifacts. We've just finished listening to the "Children of The Promise" , which is set in WWII, and they were so excited! There is even a Japanese grenade! Isaac had to teach us all about the different types of bombs and granades. It was so cute, and actually pretty accurate.

I love my boys and I LOVE cousin adventure day!

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