Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Ward Camp Out

We had a great ward camp out this year! Jamie was in charge so of course it was a success! We were up at camp Atoka and it was gorgeous! The river was fun too! The boys all loved it of course but I was shocked that the baby loved it too! In fact he screamed when we took him out of the water! Then he had a blast crawling all over and eating rocks. People kept saying "Oh! He's eating a rock!" and I'd say "is it a big one or a little one? Because if it's big then we're ok the dirt washes off!" I think that people think I'm a terrible mother, but he was happy and "God made dirt so dirt don'thurt" right? Man you can tell he's my 5th and not my first!

Because of the Farmers Market we didn't sleepover, but that was alright by me!

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