Monday, July 20, 2009

The Staten, Malan, Neff, Camp Out!

We had so much fun on our "Second Annual Staten Malan Neff Camp out!" We decided to go to Logan this year. It has been years since we have camped up there and I LOVED IT! It was beautiful! All of the rain this year has really kept things green up there!

We started out by tie dying T-Shirts for everyone on Thursday. That was of course a fun mess. Then the plan was for us to head up with the Malan's around noon to find a spot and then the Neff's would meet us once Dave got home. The "plan" didn't quite work. We were a little late getting everything packed, but it was only 1:00 by the time we started out. Well, I had been telling Mike for a while that the brakes were BAD and since he was now driving he realized just how BAD they were! So instead of leaving Mike and Travis changed the brakes! Start to finish, with a trip to the store, it only took them an hour! They rock! We finally got on the road! I had no idea that it would be so hard to find a camping spot. Everything was full, and I was strting to really stress about finding the Neff's since we didn't have cell service! So Kami and Travis kept looking and Mike and I went to first dam to try and call Jamie and Dave! We finally got ahold of the Neff's as they were just about to give up on finding us ang go home (thankgoodness!) and Kami and Travis found a BEAUTIFUL spot, and all was well!

It was so nice to just sit and relax! I was almost jittery. Just sitting there didn't feel natural! But it was wonderful! Saturday afternoon we went down and played at first dam. The Malan's have a fun little raft, and the kids had fun being rowed accross the lake and jumping in off of the rocks. Then we grabbed a yummy dinner and Aggie Ice cream and headed home!

Ty Matt and Angelo slept in Angelo's tent.
The "Ladies!"

Lucas HAD to roast marshmallows. We had forgotten the night before, so after breakfast we made another fire and went to town!

The "Men"
The girls
The 3 Musketeers

All our cute chillins!

Cute baby!
Mike thinks that my pink toeless socks are silly
There was THE coolest tree at our site!
Silly Daddy
I tried to tell Trav that playing in the fire wasn't the best idea!

Lucas couldn't figure out how to go to the bathroom with the life jacket on!

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