Friday, October 19, 2012

UEA 2012 - Kodachrome Basin Day 2

Last night was....cold....but thankfully we had hand warmers and foot warmers and Brother Bakers heater to take the chill off.  But this morning we work up to a fire (thanks to David) and the day quickly warmed up and it was PERFECT!  Side note: We had a LOT of bikes at our camps site:)

We started with a yummy french toast breakfast.  I was so excited because I I'd found some duck eggs for Matt....but....that didn't turn out to well.  He'd had them before without any problems but apparently he's developed an allergy to them because OH MY the poor boy got sick.  It started with his chest and then moved to his stomach.  HOWEVER it's Matt we're talking about so he didn't really complain!  He told us when he needed help but he just kept on going and never really complained!  What a kid!

After breakfast we loaded into our cars and headed out for our slot canyon hike.  We hiked the Cottonwood Narrows.  I've never hiked in a slot canyon and I LOVED it!  I wanted to find more...but we really didn't have time.  ANYWAY, the hike.....lots of climbing, lots of mud and lots of rocks for Kami to take pictures on:)  and Poor Matt was sick for the whole thing.  He still didn't complain!  He would grab Mike when he needed help but otherwise he was so strong and so great..  What a kid.  The other kids all had a blast climbing and hiking and playing in the mud:)  What an amazing place!  I can't wait to go back!

On our way back to camp we decided to stop and see an this point Matt was so sick and so worn out from being sick that he started the walk to the arch but decided he needed to stay in the car.  I stayed with him and the rest of my family and the Malan's went to see the arch (the Frandsens were in search of a gas station:)

 After resting at camp a little bit some of us went on another hike.  This trail head was right in camp and holy cow!  It was a great hike with the greatest view at the top!  There were a few INSANELY narrow and steep and sheer drop sections that made me a little nervous....BUT in the end it was great!

I can honestly say that we ALL slept well!  PHEW!  It was one busy and fun day!

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