Saturday, October 20, 2012

UEA 2012- Kodachrome Basin Day 3

Today was the day Mike had been waiting for all week!  The BIG bike ride.  There is a spot where the _____ Mountain Bike trail and the paved trail start.  They also end at the same place, so the plan was for Mike, Travis, David, Tyler and Matt to take the Mountain Bike trail and the rest of us to take the paved trail.    Then if there was time "the girls" would do the Mountain Bike trail and the guys would do the paved one.  Mike was sure that they would beat us to the bottom.....SO we all parked at the top, unloaded and then took a car to the bottom.  PHEW! Just getting set up was work!

While the guys were shuffling cars the boys got out their BB guns and let everyone take turns shooting.  The kids loved it and it helped us keep the sanity while we waited to get started:)

OUR ride was great.  We took a gravel road for about a mile and then hit the paved trail.  Lucas braked to hard once on the gravel and wiped out pretty hard.  Thank goodness we had the Malan's first aid kit:)  Other than that it was beautiful and smooth sailing!  Mostly down hill!  We got to the bottom of the trail and.....waited.  For a LONG time.  Of course the men and kept all of the car keys.  So we just took turns riding up the end of the trail they would eventually come down.  It was fun but pretty technical.  I had a feeling that the "mens" ride was a little harder than they had expected.  It was a VERY long wait but eventually they made it down:)  Isaac and I had been riding up actually when we saw them.  The first thing Mike said was "WOW!  This was harder than I expected....So since I'd like to stay married I'd suggest that you DON'T try this ride"  Hahahahaha.

  We rode back down and met up to get the "story".  This wasn't the fairly easy ride that they expected.  There were a lot of little crashed and Travis had a big crash.  There was a spot called "the fin".  Mike made it across and turned around to tell the boys to walk only to see them already riding across.  Mike was terrified.   He said that he was amazed over and over again at how good the boys were at the technical stuff.  They were all exhausted but happy:)

The guys got the cars and then we all loaded up and headed back to camp where we packed up camp and got ready to head home while the Malan's made dinner.  They were staying over for one more night but the rest of us were heading home!  Nick screamed and cried and said that he wanted to live there forever! This was an amazing UEA weekend!

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