Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Very LONG Awaited Air show!

We LOVE the air show.  There was supposed to be one last September but they cancelled it, so when we got the dates for this one we were SO excited!  So in true "we've been anticipating this for so long so something has to go wrong fashion" it was the biggest rain storm in a weeks.  We debated all morning about if we should go in the rain or not.  We finally decided to go to the museum and at least pretend that we went....because the rain and lightning was so bad that they had stopped the planes from flying.  The traffic getting on base was great since EVERYONE and their dog was trying to get off base....So when the rain stopped and they started flying again we had no troubles finding a close parking spot!!  It was cold and wet but that didn't stop the joy!  We got to see the Thunderbirds fly!  OH they were amazing!  YAY for Freedom
and an amazing Air Force!

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