Friday, May 25, 2012

So Many Things To Do To Wrap Up The School Year!!

There are so many things that come with the end of the school year.....I have just a few pictures from several so I thought I'd put them all in one post:)

#1- Math and Science Olympiad.  I love the Olympiad.  Matt was so excited to go again this year in Krypto.  He and Jess and Avery were together again!  They took first in 3rd grade when they went together. This year wasn't as great, but they still did good!  It would have helped if their judges had passed out their cards as fast as the others, BUT oh well.  They all had fun and they amaze me with how FAST they do math!

#2- TH Bell Elections.  Ty ran again and almost made it....almost.....he was sad but actually handled it well.  I think he's thinking about all of the free time he'll have now:)

#3- TH Bell Officer Induction Dinner.  This one was a little awkward since Ty had been an officer but now wasn't.....BUT again he handled it well and actually had a great time!

#4- Th Bell Awards Assembly.  I love that the Jr. High holds an awards assembly.  This year Tyler got awards for Citizenship and Grades.  He only got 1 A- the whole year.  And that A- about killed him!  Way to go TY!

#5-Kindergarten End of the Year Program. I LOVE Kindergarten and I LOVE the Kindergarten end of the year program.  Lucas was so excited and he did so well!  I love watching him sing.  He gets so into the songs:)

#6-Kindergarten End Of The Year Water Party.  I really enjoy helping out with class parties and the water party is probably my favorite. I just take all of my "stuff" and set up water games.  I LOVE it!  I'm so glad that I get to stay home with my kids and be up at the school with things like this go on! I also love that Nick Can come too!

#6-The LAST day of school!  Wahoo!  I love school but I also LOVE having my kids home.  I have loved their teachers this year and I will really miss them all.  My boys have all learned so much and grown so much that I honestly can't believe it!  I'm so glad that I live where I do and that my kids get to go to such a great school! This year Lucas Kindergarten class was letting some butterflies go.  One hadn't quite dried off so Mrs. Jones sent it home with Nick:)  NEVER has there been a happier little brother!!   I also love that on the last day the Fire Department sprays everyone down:)  It's such a great way to end they year!!

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