Saturday, May 5, 2012

Soccer Soccer Soccer

Spring time means SOCCER!  This year we only have one boys NOT playing soccer!  Here's the run down...

Tyler really wanted a change so we requested a team release from Crossfire.  It's been a good run but Ty was ready for things to change.  He's since joined the U14 Outlaws.  That means he's playing up a year and it's been so good for him!  He LOVES his new team and coaches and he's improving like crazy!

Matt is LOVING his team!  He's with the U11 Outlaws and his coach has nicknamed him his "Honey Badger" because Matt's so awesome on the field!  Matt "just don't care!" who he's up against he just takes them out!  LOL.  Great kids on the team and great coaches makes for fun win or lose!

Isaac is still with his AYSO team and I really like his coach.  He's teaching the kids a lot and having a lot of fun with them and I can't ask for more than that!!

Lucas loves that Mike is still his coach.  Lucas is the only kid on the team that ....well....gets soccer.  He's the only one that runs TO the ball and he's the only one that understands that the ball goes IN the goal.  It's kinda frustrating from time to time, but he loves soccer and his Dad so it's all good!

I forgot to mention that Ty and Matt are reffing games again.....It's a good thing that I love watching them play soccer! AND driving them to soccer!!:)

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