Saturday, May 5, 2012

It's Graduation DAY!

I can't believe it but my baby brother is officially a college grad! Today we got to travel back up to Utah State (GO Aggies!!!) to watch Tee graduate!  Mary and Jon and I went up for the Universities Commencement Ceremony and met Mom and Don.  Then the Mikes and the boys met up with us for Tee's Colleges convocation.  It was so weird to see my baby brother graduating!  He's done such an amazing job.  Tops in everything.  Honors all around.  An amazing internship waiting for him in DC this summer and a FULL ride plus a teaching position at Purdue for his masters!  Amazing.

It was a day full of great speakers and a lot of family fun.  One of the best things about the day though was when I looked up at the jumbo tron to see that they had the wrong date!!    It was May 5th and it said the 4th:) Even smarties make mistakes!

After all of the ceremonies we were all treated to....what else?  Aggie Ice Cream!  Mmmmmmm.   Congratulations Stephen!  I am so, so proud of you!!!

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