Monday, February 13, 2012

Representative Matt Staten:)

Last week Matt came home with a letter from his teacher.  Matt had been chosen as the 1 5th grader from Riverdale Elementary School to spend a day with our local State Representative Brad Dee!! He has been so excited, and today was the day!  Mike was able to take the morning off and go with us....and I have to say that we were ALL excited!

 It started with a meeting in Representative Dee's office where Matt met Mr. Dee, his wife and his intern Sasha.  Mr. Dee explained how he had wanted to find a way to help kids gain a better understanding of how State Government worked.  He and his wife decided to contact all of the Elementary schools in his district and give them the opportunity to send one student to the Capitol for a day!  They are such great people!  I have always liked the Dee's and was so surprised when Mrs. Dee said to me "I remember ran the Riverdale parade for a while right?" so crazy!  Anyway, after talking with the Dee's for a while Sasha took us on a tour of the Capitol.  In addition to the normal tour we got to go behind the scenes and see all of the offices and go on the floor of the Senate and the House.  We got to take some pictures with Mr. Dee on the House floor and then Mike and I went to the observation gallery while Matt got some treats and then went to sit on the House Floor with Mr. Dee.....who also happens to be the majority leader in the house:)
It was so fun to watch them!  Matt got to see how the voting process worked.  He had conversations with other Representatives and got to be a part of the voting.  It was so fun to watch Matt on the House Floor!  He's such an amazing kid!

After Matt was done we all went back to Mr. Dee's office and talked for a while with him about how the local government worked.  Mr. Dee then told Matt that he could write an essay about his experience and what he'd learned about how the government worked and submit it to him.....and that the winner would win $500 for his class!

We'll see how all of that goes but today was an AWESOME DAY!

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