Thursday, November 10, 2011

A VERY Owie Mouth

Last week I got home and had a message from out Orthodontist saying that he had seen something during Ty's last appointment that he wanted to get a second opinion on. We tried to call him back, but we never connected and so we kinda just let it go. Then I had a message from the Oral Surgeon that the Orthodontist wanted us to see. I tried them back and didn't get anywhere. Finally on Monday the 24th we all connected and we were told that Tyler had a tumor or something growing on his jaw and that we needed to go in soon and let the Oral Surgeon look at it. So on October 26th Ty and I went to see what we could figure out. The Oral Surgeon said that given how it looked on the CT scan instead of doing a biopsy and then probably doing surgery we needed to go straight to surgery. It was growing so fast that even if it wasn't cancerous it was causing damage. So we scheduled Surgery for November 2nd.

We were all a little nervous, but the surgery went VERY well. The surgeon said that the tumor had grown a LOT and so they had to scrape a LOT out including a lot of bone, and then graft some more bone in. He said that Ty was going to be swollen and hurting but should be fine with in a few days. Ty was the cutest thing ever as he came out of anesthesia. He was so sweet and loving. He kept asking the same questions over and over and, the part that amazed me was when he started telling me all about the patters that were in his dreams while he was out. I NEVER dream when I'm under anesthesia! It's just black. We left the surgeon in time to pick Matt up from school and get Ty's medicine. While we were driving to get Matt Ty saw the school zone lights flashing and started to panic. He kept asking "Who's going to get my brothers?" he was SO worried about them! He's the best big brother.

Tyler had an NAL game on Thursday and he was convinced that he wasn't going to stay home. He woke up at 6 when his alarm went off. He came up stairs and collapsed in the chair. I came out at about 6:20 and told him that I thought he should go back to bed. He said he needed to go and got up and took off his pj's.....and laid on the floor. After a minute he got up and put on his pants.....and laid back down on the floor. Finally he decided that he needed to go back to bed. He slept all day. And most of the next. And the next.:) By Sunday he was still hurting but went and did fast packs anyway and then stayed at church until after the sacrament and then went home. He went to school on Monday and texted me all day saying he hurt but didn't want to come home:) He's such a great kid. As his mouth healed it kinda started to pull apart.....with braces it was really hard for them to sew it up tight. It looked like it was infected. He was miserable, but the lab results came back negative! The tumor was a fast growing aggressive tumor that if left untreated will eat the roots of your teeth and keep spreading until it ruins your mouth :( I am SO thankful for a great Orthodontist and a great Oral Surgeon and most of all a great son!It's a bad picture but you can kinda see how swollen he was!

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