Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gobble Gobble

This year Mom decided that she wasn't going to cook thanksgiving, so we decided to cook here at home! Mike and I love to cook together and cooking Thanksgiving Dinner is the best! Things also worked out so that Stephen could come and eat with us! He had to work in Logan at 3 and Melissa's family wasn't eating until a little later, SO we planned our dinner around Tee's schedule. It made our already GREAT dinner into a PERFECT dinner!

We spent the morning cooking and making cute little turkeys and setting up! Dinner was yummy, conversation was great, and relaxing afterwards was wonderful! Lots of funny online video's, Frisbee and the boys competing for Tee's attention:) Followed up by some VERY yummy pie!After Tee left Mike and I got a GREAT nap and then we had a great family movie night. I love my little family, and while I did miss seeing more or our extended family I honestly LOVED this calm and quiet turkey day!

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