Friday, November 18, 2011

Staples Are Meant For Paper Not Heads

Tonight Tyler played amazing 10 minutes of his soccer game! NOT the game we were hoping for. He went up for a header and a kids from the other team came up late for the same ball....heads hit. BOTH boys collapsed. All of the adults on the field ran to the other kid because he was screaming like crazy and hit head had split above his eye. Tyler was just laying there not moving. I was a little concerned because of the lack of movement, but stayed where I was. Our keeper went to see if Ty was ok, and then called to the coaches because of the blood....I still stayed sitting. Ty's tough and he has good coaches and I try to not over react. HOWEVER when the picked him up and his legs gave out and his coach looked up at me in concern, I figured it was time to be concerned. Tyler could remember his phone number but wouldn't track in at all. Mike reached in through the net and pulled Ty's hair out of the way and said "we're going". It was quite the gash. Dave (the coach) helped Mike get Ty to the car and we headed to Wee Care. Matt held the paper towel to his head while we drove through a crazy snow storm. We were going to take the other kids all home but they were too upset and didn't want to leave Tyler, so we all went! We had to wait a minute at Wee Care, but nothing like it would have been at the hospital! When the nurse started to scrub out his head he almost passed out. He went white and slumped over. All he could get out is "I'm going to throw up!" before he slumped over. Poor kid. I climbed up in the chair to hold him up since she couldn't really stop....I mean that turf is NASTY and we really didn't want an infection:) The staples hurt but in comparison he could tough it out. It took 5 Staples to close the gash. 5! It's such a big ole mess! He also had a mild concussion, so he get's to sit out for a while.....and THAT is the worst part for my sweet soccer player!

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