Monday, July 25, 2011

Little America, The Days of 47 Rodeo, And Breakfast With Grandma!!!

Some wonderful friends of ours called the other day and asked us if we wanted their tickets (private box tickets) to the Days of 47 Rodeo. Of course we jumped on it.....we LOVE a good rodeo! We also decided to make a weekend of it and Stayed at the Little America hotel. It's probably my favorite place to stay. I LOVE the pool!! Mike rode his bike down and the boys and I met him there early enough to get in a swim before the rodeo! It was SO much fun!
Then we grabbed dinner at Rumbi's (Mmmmmmm) and headed to the Rodeo. The box was SO plush and my boys were in 7th Heaven! Thanks Randy and Carol!Then we headed back to our hotel and crashed!Saturday morning we met Grandma Wittke at Village Inn for breakfast. Ok, while it was fun to be there with her and all of that, I will never take Matt there again. They were the WORST! Every question we asked about food ingredients was answered with "um, I don't know...." when asked to check they said "um no....I don't think we can".....? Seriously? Anyway, he ended up eating a salad with chicken on it for breakfast. Oh well, lesson learned :( Ok back to the good parts. It WAS fun to just sit and chat and enjoy that time with Mom. Don is in Texas getting certified (or whatever you call it) for the new jet he'll be flying, and we missed him.After breakfast we still had enough time to go back and swim again! I think my kids would live in the water if they could! Isaac and Lucas and Nick of course, kept practicing their dives. I just love watching them. Sadly check out time came way to fast and we were forced to come back to reality! I love little get aways with my family. They're the best!!

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