Friday, July 22, 2011

Cousin Adventure #7 Sleepover and Float Preview

Well, last week we actually skipped cousin adventure. GASP! I know, the world has been knocked off of it's axis! We did of course see each other every day at swimming lessons, and we hung out a bit at the Harry Potter premier, BUT it wasn't an official cousin adventure! SO this week Mary's boys slept over here and we had a "video game day" while Mary and Mike went away for their anniversary and then we took the kids to the Days of 47 float preview in Sandy. We decided to make the adventure even bigger and better by riding the train! The kids loved the train.

The float preview was AWESOME! Grandma Wittke and Esther and her girls came and met us too which made it even better! It was so much fun to see all of the floats up close. The amount of work and detail is amazing! The kids had so much fun too. My kids loved all of the floats but the ReAL SL float was the big winner. My kids also loved the marching band that kept circling the room :) This is something that I could totally do again!!

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